Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness
Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness

We're creating A Place to Connect & Charge Up Your Mind, Body, & Spirit!

Join the Holistic movement towards Wellness, Connection, & Balance in Mind, Body, & Spirit!

About Us

Our What

Who are we in a nutshell?

We are a Tribe of Wellness Fans connecting together to support each other's journey in Mind, Body, & Spirit.

We gather around vetted high quality heart centered holistic wellness practitioners that offer us:

Inspirational content- Uplifting live streams, podcast, video, posts, and Q & As geared to keep you inspired and moving towards those "good vibes" you are seeking!

Courses- Online courses & webinars with topics related to Mind, Body, and/or Spirit wellness to enrich your journey.

A Place to Root with Like Minded Support- Live Groups & Gatherings (in person & online) Support groups, Book club, Spiritual studies, & More!

Fun Experiences- Opportunities for Live events- Chat spaces, music, creative arts, food/recipes ideas, movement, travel and retreats.

Our Why

Community has been the very foundation on which Firefly Hollow Wellness was built!  Since 2013, we have graciously held space and watch so many of our amazing community light up their mind, body, & spirit through their wellness journey and THEN watch you all go and "light up" ANOTHER amazing soul whom is ready to move towards wellness!

YOU are our WHY!  

We have seen you (just like Fireflies) light up the "darkness" of your own wellness journey, illuminating the fear of the unknown, and empowering yourselves by trying the steps, services & classes that fit your unique path!

AND THEN, (just like Fireflies), you light UP another person by sharing your successes!

YOU are what has illuminated this place in York, PA called Firefly Hollow and NOW we expand our good vibes to the world!  

Moving into this online space we can, together, continue to uplift, inspire, education, and empower others to move towards what some would call: radical self love, abundance, healthy connection, & wellness.

How is it done?  

Through the power of raising our individual awareness of ourselves, our unique wellness needs, embracing the community around us, and learning the amazing power of self-responsibility!

We each have so much to learn from each other, and so many unique areas in which we wish to grow in Mind, Body, or Spirit.  This is the community platform to do so!

No Distractions or Negativity

We continued to hear our community struggle with the negativity of social media, the content/commercials that often distract them from their wellness path,  the misinformation and privacy issues, and the lack of true lasting connection that they are seeking.

They Say-"You are who you surround yourself with." 

Well, here in the Firefly Hollow Wellness Community, you are surrounding yourself with those dedicated to making personal change, uplifting their lives on step at a time, and connecting with a supportive non-jugdmental group of people who inspire you to be your greatest version.

We hear so many who join the Firefly Hollow tribe who find actual connection and value in the exchange with our community!  

You want good food, consume good food.

You want good vibes, load up on Firefly Hollow Wellness Community Vibes!

We welcome you!  We may be exactly what you have been waiting for!